My Personal Earth Day (Week)

April 25, 2010

Synchronicity continues to light my path.  Over the past few of months, I’ve been painting wrappers, waiting for inspiration and the weather to join forces allowing me a day to step outside with my heat gun and play.

The inspiration came in the form of a phone call from the company that makes the wrappers requesting work for an upcoming ‘green’ conference.  The weather has been delightful.   With my trigger finger ready, I stitched the layers of wrappers together, then zapped them with my heat gun.  Wha-la!

Check it out!  I love these little experiments and look forward to getting more of the material to create some bigger projects.  These will be shipping tomorrow, so I need to come up with some permanent titles.  Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Thank you Patti for helping me out with the painting of so many of these wrappers!

Walden Planet

After distressing with the heat gun, the results brought to mind a few sci-fi movies I’d seen.  I could title it:  “Where’s Charlton Heston Now?”

Walden detail


This one needed a bit of ‘umph’.  Why not a chicken?

Chicken detail

Three Beads

For Three Beads, I’m thinking of attaching the stick (rod) with clear thread, similar to a thin fishing line, creating the illusion of the piece hanging separately.  I’d better decide quickly!

Three Beads detail


There you have it…my Earth Day celebration in art.  Throughout the process, I contemplated more about my impact on our environment and what I can do to please Mother Earth.  Its been a great week!

Please leave comments and suggestions.  I would love to hear from you.


  1. I love them!!! You inspired me at last year’s conference and I’ve been saving wrappers too – haven’t done anything with them yet, mind you.:)

    Great work!

  2. I think the tree could also be called “Cyclical Life Force”

  3. I think the chicken piece could be called “Fowl Play” and I love the beads, but the only thing I could come up with that might be fun (worth printing) is “Some Strings Attached”

  4. Leave the colored thread for the beads. It makes nice lines. Maybe “Three Plums” ?? For the chicken piece I thought “Easy Pickings” or peckings – tree in water “Small Island” – reflecting the small earth and made of trash! I like Charlton Heston title.

    Great job, Ann.

  5. really nice, Ann!!! Three Beads is my favorite and I like it the way it is. It looks like the beads are suspending it.

  6. Ann…

    The pieces are all great, but “three beads” — wow, I love it!

    Can you catch me up to speed? What kind of wrappers are you using?

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