Sometimes Art is Just Fun!

March 9, 2010

Actually, most of the time art is just fun.  I love making art.  I love looking at art.  I ALWAYS  love receiving art.  The last few months, I received three new works to adorn my walls.

Color Combo

Back in December, I won Color Combo by the young artist, Chirag Vedullapalli who uses his art to address community issues.  I love the color and the contrast.  Doesn’t it look wonderful on my wall?  Hard to believe this is the work of a nine-year-old!  I can only imagine what he will be making in the future.

I also grabbed the opportunity to buy a print of “The World Turns” by Robin MariaPedrero. Robin’s work is full of vibrant colors  and so interesting. Look how

The World Turns

the view is as if you are watching the world whirl by behind the trees.  Look closely at all her work for interesting aspects.

The last is “Oriole”  from Marne Law of Laguna Vista, TX .  To learn how booth sales work, I assisted Marne with a show where her work was clearly in demand.  You’d never know there was a recession judging by the crowd in her booth.  She gave me this lovely print (my choice) to thank me for helping out.  It is mewho should be thanking Marne…I learned so much that day.


Now…look at all three works.  The colors are similar in shade and value.  The themes: Chirag’s birds flying on the orange horizon, Pedrero’s sun setting through the trees, and Law’s bright reds, golds and blue bring it all together.  They will make a nice grouping on my wall.

What fun!  Now … off to find frames!

One comment

  1. I am so thrilled to have my work in this fabulous grouping!! I luv it!!

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