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December 21, 2009

Isn’t this gorgeous!

Color Combo, painted by nine-year-old Chirag Vedullapalli, a Seattle based artist who creates magnificent works to support local charities.  Through his grass roots organization, Creative Children for Charity, Chirag has organized local artist children to raise more than $3,000 for community charities, such as the Children’s Hospital of Seattle.  He dreams of young artists across the country and around the world taking up his banner to help their own communities.

To learn more about this painting, and Chirag’s work as an artist and philanthropist, please visit here.  To view more of Chirag’s outstanding artwork, please visit his Flikr page.

Imagine…I will have an early Chirag original on my walls!  Anyone who views his work can see what a bright artistic future this young artist can look forward to.  What a treat for me!

Thank you Chirag, for your great work, both on the canvas and in the community.  Thank you Meylah for hosting this holiday event, and the opportunities for artists to create an online presence utilizing all that social marketing has to offer.


Busy as always . . .

December 6, 2009

Yes…I know, it’s been awhile.  With my fiber arts, exhibit work, workshops, Operation Kid Comfort, and let’s not forget the family, there’s just not enough hours in the day.  Perhaps it is time to enlist one of my many grandchildren to take on the reporting for me.  Well, on to the news . . .

Hollyhocks III

Hollyhocks III a commission piece that now hangs in the Admitting Waiting Room of the new UNC Cancer hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.   I got to see it hanging while at the hospital for my five year – AND LAST – checkup, and found ii in a spot where it will lighten the mood of many.  It is such an honor to be part of this great institution that has saved so many lives, my own included.

The base for the flower is photo-transfer from photos I took in the Ring family garden in Braintree, Massachusetts a few years back.  I added a bit of paint, and then heavily thread painted the blossom.  The background is a mottled orange commercial fabric that I bleached out a grid on using chicken wire for the ‘stamp’.  And then (of course), I embellished with beads, lots of beads, and some yarn.

Rabbit Moon is based on a Mayan hieroglyph that tells the story of the rabbit on the moon.  I grew up with the man on the moon and his cheese, Mayans see a rabbit.

Rabbit Moon

The background is commercial fabric that I rusted (see my earlier post).  I then traced, stitched and painted the hieroglyph, and fused the pots. It is finished off with machine quilting and again, lots of beads.

Red Woods, is not complete yet, but it is small enough to scan, so I thought I’d share my progress.  I’ll spend the next few evenings adding some white and red beads.  The black border is irregular.  I’m not sure I’ll leave it that way, or square it off.  When its done, I’ll post the finished product.

Red Woods in progress