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Age Old Art and Aging New Art

January 26, 2009

I went to my first opera! It was stupendous! And it was in Harlingen, Texas!

The Metropolitan Opera of New York simulcasts live matinées at movie theaters throughout the country. I was watched and listened to Orfeo Ed Euridice as if I was in a first row seat…even better, I swear I could see tonsils the camera’s were so close!

Stephanie Blythe captured the tortured widower, Orfeo, perfectly…my heart ached for his pain. Danielle’s beauty is superseded only by her magnificent voice in her role as Euridice. And Heidi Grant Murphy’s angel Amor enchanted all, leaving us with a chuckle or two. I wish I had the knowledge of opera and voice to properly credit the range of voice in Orfeo…the highest notes and strongest projections were reached with ease.

The dance was bold and enchanting. With a ballet’s grace mixed with the jagged moves of modern dance, Orfeo Ed Euridice surprised me at every scene.

My favorite part of the whole show was the chorus, exemplifying heroes, heroines and even a few villains that we all know from history. Abe Lincoln, Marie Antoinette, John Lennon, Genghis Kahn, Frederick Douglas, Leif Erikson, Mark Twain, and so on . . . the list is endless and magnificent. The costumes were spot on. I would love to get a hold of the leftover scraps of fabric and embellishments. See the Who’s Who in Orfeo to view the many characters portrayed in the production.

If you have the opportunity to see the Metropolitan Opera, either live or via satellite, don’t hesitate. Magnificence awaits you! Visit for more information.

rust-candle-green-detail-2Also new to me this past week is the surface design process of ‘rusting’. With only a bit of white vinegar, a rusty old candle holder, some plastic bags and some fabric, I created these pieces.

Rusting is so easy. I wrapped vinegar soaked fabric around the candle holder, using a few clothes pins to hold it in place. Then placed them in plastic supermarket bags and tied them closed. After a couple of days, I reopened and rinsed the fabric…what do you think of the outcome? I love this!

My brain is swirling with ideas on what to do with this process next. It is so easy and using white vinegar at 79¢ a bottle and rusty old items…you can’t go wrong on the price. Give it a shot. You’ll love the outcome!