Hot Textiles…What a Book!

December 16, 2008

hot-textiles-linkSteve bought me this great book for me a month or so ago (an early Christmas present).  Hot Textiles by Kim Thittachai is a phenomenal exploration in the use of your heat gun to create works of art in textiles.

Here is a recently created work, Remnants, that used Thittachai’s technique of painted fusible web distressed with heat.  The background fabric is a hand dyed and burnt out silk.Remnants ©Ann Flaherty 2008

Remnants ©Ann Flaherty 2008

For another experiment, Blaze, I used the inside of a Fedex envelope.  Painted with water based red and yellow paints, I then blasted it with my heat gun creating a dimensional synthetic cloth that can be easily stitched.

If you are not up for making your grandmother’s quilt, and love to experiment with the use of alternative items in

Blaze ©Ann Flaherty 2008

Blaze ©Ann Flaherty 2008

your work , such as Tyvek, vegetable mesh, synthetics, paints, dyes, seeds and so much more, Hot Textiles provides understandable instructions that beg you to try more.  Here are a set of skills that you can incorporate in other techniques.  Buy this book and set a play date soon!

One caution:  because of the use of heat on a variety of materials, you will need a well ventilated area.


  1. I just borrowed this book from my guild’s library. I just did a little bit of playing with cello-foil and super market plastic bags. I really like your Remnants.

    • Hi Norma…I’d love to see the results. Isn’t this book fun!

  2. YUMMMMY stuff…i ordered the book…sigh all your fault and i had been doing SO WELL not ordering from amazon…sighhhhhhh

    • You will love it!

  3. Hello, I’ve just found your blog through Google images.
    Wow! Praise indeed ladies – thank you very much. I hope you continue to enjoy using the book. The next one should be out August 2011.

    • Hi Kim…Yes, I continue to use the techniques from your book and tell others about them. Jus this past Friday, I opened at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh, NC as a featured artist with three peices that all utilized non-traditional materials and my trusty heat gun! Loving the process!

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