Not Just Grey Matter

November 1, 2008

Quilts at Tufts Medical Center

This past September, I had the great privilege of seeing four works from my Not Just Grey Matter series, on permanent display at Tufts University Medical Center of Boston, Massachusetts.  Displayed at the entrance to the Neuro Oncology and Hematology clinic are ‘literally’ my thoughts on the creative process.  Photographing the quilts was difficult.  Across the hall is a bank of windows overlooking Boston’s skyline.  One day, I’ll have someone who has the right equipment photograph the group.  (If you can’t make it out, that’s the Prudential Center and Hancock building reflecting off the glass.)

Back in the Spring of 2005, I became fascinated with scanned images of the brain, specifically of my brain.  While I hope that none of you ever needs to have a brain MRI, I used the opportunity to explore the use of these images in fiber art.

Organic Matters

Organic Matters

Not Just Grey Matter is a series of six art quilts that incorporate images of my brain through photo-transfer techniques.  After obtaining a copy of the MRI images on disk, I used various techniques and filters of PhotoShop software to manipulate them.  Two of the quilts included in the Tufts display, Organic Matters and Imagination Matters are shown here.

For Organic Matters, I played a bit with the color and then used a wood cut technique to create the three images on the quilt.   The 11.5″ X 30″ piece includes leaf patterned commercial fabrics and beaded embellishments.

For Imagination Matters, I printed the same image on a soluble stabilizer.  Using the image as a guide, I stitched the an outline of the image and then washed away the printed pattern.  Under the netting, I added some egg shaped beads.

Imagination Matters

Imagination Matters

The last two quilts in the series, Focus and Montag’s Legacy,  were part of the Professional Art Quilters Alliance -South (PAQA-South) exhibit, ARTQUILTSreflections at the Page Walker Arts & History Center of Cary, NC in September and October, 2008.

Montag's Legacy

Montag's Legacy

Montag’s Legacy, based on the character of Fahrenheit 451, uses a grid of images from my scans in the background.  If you read the book, you may recall the task of memorizing books, and then teaching two others to memorize the same information.  Thus, humanity was saved to rise up another day.

Materials used in the work included hand-dyed and commercial fabric, organza, yarns, fused fabrics, Angelina fibers, threads, and beads.

To view the exhibit in its entirety, please visit: http://web.mac.com/janine_leblanc/ARTQUILTSreflections/Welcome.html


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  1. This is awesome Ann!! Thanks for linking it to my Book of Sorrell!! Love it!

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